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Apr 06

New Rostam Comic

1 comments posted by legofish at 01:20 PM

I have been a little slow in posting this. The new Rostam comic, "Battle with the Deevs" has been available for a few weeks now over at the Shahnameh. As with the previous comics, you can clearly see the overall improvements in the series, and there are some very attractive illustrated panels in the latest release. The Deev is the quintessential badass villain in Persian mythology, and its appearance in any story immediately increases the cool factor by a couple of notches.I got my copy the first week it came out, but haven't still had a chance to read the story. But anyone who is a fan of comics, Persian mythology, or just wants to support the hard work of the good folks behind this project should definitely get their copy.

Mar 18

Artist Spotlight: Maryam Tabatabaei

posted by legofish at 11:30 AM

Maryam Tabatabaei is a self-proclaimed "newbie", who wants to be a "be a freelance illustrator someday ...". With a consistent style that defines all her pieces, right down to her usage of color tones, I don't see any reason why that "someday" can't be today!

Mar 05

Artist Spotlight: Atefeh Zolghadr

posted by legofish at 10:23 PM

ateeparis.gifI usually avoid self-promotion by not talking about any of my personal art projects here. But it wouldn't be fair if I extend this self-imposed ban onto my friends (or in this case, my girlfriend) when their good work deserves to be acknowledged.
Atee is a painter/illustrator based here in Toronto. She has recently launched her portfolio website which showcases her versatile yet unique style. Her artwork is richly infused with emotion, and the mood of her pieces range from uplifting to melancholy. She has also forayed into graphic design, and has a growing section showcasing her talents in that field. Check out her site, and don't forget to play the funny little flash game in the Misc section :)

Mar 05

The Fire Of Love

posted by legofish at 10:16 PM

fireoflove.gif Today I accidentally came across yet another Persian-inspired animation project. The Fire of Love is a 2D animation series based on Rumi's poems. The project (apparently initiated by the London Academy of Iranian Studies) has a small website with a section that looks like a preliminary proposal/pitch for the series, as well as a nice little test movie. The animation looks disney-esque, and I do like the character models.
This is definitely a project I will be closely following with great interest.

Mar 05

Shabnam Rezaei on Fox Business

posted by legofish at 10:10 PM

Mar 05

Want to become a contributor?

posted by legofish at 10:02 PM

My original goal in setting up the Project 300 website was to create an outlet to showcase the work of emerging Iranian artists (with a special focus on illustrators and comic artists), and to provide some unique coverage on exciting events happening in the Persian artist community.

To help update the site more often and keep it alive, I am looking for people who may be interested in contributing to this blog by submitting posts. If you think you may be interested, please leave me a comment or email me at submit@300themovie.info, and I will give you more details.

Jan 27

Signs of life in the Shahameh Project?

7 comments posted by legofish at 12:24 PM


The website of the Shahnameh animated project has recently been updated with new concept art. There is not much other indication about which stage they are at or when the project would be released, but the two new big illustrations are absolutely stunning, and the fact that they are updating the site gives some indication that the project is alive.

Aside: I have tried to contact people at Cyrus production in the past to interview them about the project, but I've had no response from them.

Jan 27

Artist Spotlight: Sahar Ajami

1 comments posted by legofish at 12:07 PM


Sahar Ajami is a Tehran-based cartoonist/illustrator. She graduated from the Tehran Art University in Theatre stage design, and started drawing illustrations from 1999. I really like the simplicity and pureness of her work. Of particular interest to me is her fashion and post-card illustrations. I have seen a lot of illustrators using this style, but somehow Sahar's usage of this style is still fresh and inviting. You can also check out her blogs in blogspot, and blogfa.

Oct 21

New Illustration by Hamid Bahrami

4 comments posted by legofish at 10:25 AM

Hamid recently sent us a new digital painting titled "Rostam the Persian Legend". I think it's one of the most solid Rostam illos I've seen to date.

by Hamid Bahrami

Sep 27

Hargezian: the first independent Iranian graphic novel?

10 comments posted by legofish at 01:56 AM

I have been extremely lazy in publishing this. Hassan Nozadian, an original contributor to the project 300 gallery told me about his ambitious graphic novel project a few months ago. He also sent me these cool samples to share with you.

Hassan has an MA in industrial design and is currently the art director in a newly established animation company Zagros Film, in Shiraz, Iran.

Here is a bit more about the comic project from Hassan himself:

It is a legendary epic based on a short story we (me and my frien Mojtaba Nik-akhlagh, himself a screenplay writer) wrote together some years ago. last year we decided to make a persian comic-book based on that old short story written by ourselves because we really did believe in it

The legend (so we called it "Hargezian" in farsi or "Neverians" in English) is about grey heroes (if I can say so, that means who weren't so bad or so good) in such a long times ago and so far that no myths and history can remember it. It sounds like never such these things happened and never such those men existed and no one like those people and heroes lived ever after. Or even maybe this title indicates in ever-lasting (eternal) existence of our characters during the time. That's why we called it Hargezian (Neverians), and that's why we applied some Persian motifs or themes into drawings and characters and locations names but didn't mention a specific historical age.

Hassan goes on to say that as classic comic book fans, he and his friends always wondered why there aren't any comics in Iran. That's why they decided to create this very cinematic graphic novel.

The story is now written and the preliminary sketches and character designs have been finished. Hassan is now working on the pencils and the inking. He is also going to do the colouring himself. It looks like they have also found a publisher and if everything goes well the graphic novel should be complete by the end of next summer. It is going to be about 90 pages.

I'm really glad that Hassan and Mojtaba are doing this. Doing all artwork (Pencil, Inking, Colouring) by one person is an extremely daunting task and I admire Hassan for tackling this. I certainly look forward to seeing the finished result. If this graphic novel is published, it's certainly going to be the first graphic novel of its kind published in Iran.

by Hassan Nozadian by Hassan Nozadian by Hassan Nozadian by Hassan Nozadian by Hassan Nozadian by Hassan Nozadian by Hassan Nozadian by Hassan Nozadian by Hassan Nozadian by Hassan Nozadian

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